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2016 Race Results

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                  The New England Amateur Club has only 6 or 7 programs of racing left before a champion is crowned, the pressure will be on the top drivers to continue to keep their cool and keep the pressure onthe other challengers, as they quickly approach the finale to see who will bethe leading point getter. The excitement doesn`t stop there, because not only arethe point getters trying to become “Numero Uno, “ and score the most points,but there is also the available $50.00 cash prizes, that go to both the ownerand the trainer of the winning horse, and in some cases it`s the same person.As tight as it is with the top three drivers, anybody can come through with abig upset for that cash, so think positively and you could surprise. With theholiday season almost at the front door, that cash will be mighty handy.   …………………………………now let`s get back to the races


 One Eyed Alley Cat and Eric Davis sneak upthe rail for a shocking victory

                                  The first oftwo amateur races on the Friday, October 21 2016 card, was the Third race, which was for a purse of $3700.00. Itoriginally was a 7 horse field, but T Bone Du Ruisseau was a late scratch, sowe have six horses heading towards the starting gate and as they make the turnand head down the straightaway, Lenny Calderone, the Track Announcer, let`s youall know that:-“ they are now out and pacing,” as # 6 Hopeful Artist & DanTuccillo get right to the top, followed by # 1 Tumblin Dice & Russ Lawsonand in third is # 2 Getthe partystarted with Jim Tomaso, They remain that wayas they reach the ¼ in :27.3. They now head past the clubhouse and # 7 Rock MyLife pulls out to be first over from the fourth position, as he is the bettingpublic`s favorite, and is closing ground and able to sneak into second asTumblin` Dice fades back to third.  Theyarrive at the ½ mile pole in :57.4 with Hopeful Artist now starting to drawaway by four. They pass the ¾ pole in 1:26 and are now starting to head aroundthe far turn and with all the lead horses moving away from the wood down thelane, One Eyed Alley Cat with Eric Davis maneuver their way up the rail all theway down the stretch to overtake the leader Hopeful Artist and pull out alength and a half victory. The mile was timed in 1:55.2, as Hopeful Artist andDan Tuccillo are able to hang on by a nose for second, and Rock My Life nailsthe show spot. He was a 5/2 shot who was determined to pull this race off andhe did. Great race, great drive!! The winner paid $7.00.
One Eyed Alley Cat is owned by Bryan Sears of Norton, MA andtrained by Shawn Answeeney. This is One Eyed Alley Cat`s fourth win this yearwith earnings of $17,724.00 for 2016.
The payoffs are as follows: # 4 One Eyed Alley Cat      EricDavis                 $7.00     $4.40    $3.00
                                                 # 6 Hopeful Artist             Dan Tuccillo                            $5.60     $3.80
                                                 # 7 Rock My Life               Alex Richardson                                    $2.60
All $2.00 payoffs:                     Exacta:  4/6  $64.40                 Trifecta:    4/6/7  $382.


                         Chasen Cancun and Eric Davis came from five horses back to win

                Thesecond amateur race was the fifth on the card and it sure lit up thetote-board, when it was over. The two favorites Medoland J T and Goin Manstylecouldn`t muster anything better than third and fourth, which left the windowopen for two longshots to finish first and second. Let`s get into it right now.The full field of eight left the gate evenly but # 2 Medoland J T and MattAthern went right to the top followed by # 8 Goin Manstyle & AlexRichardson on the outside in second and on the wood in third is # 7 KingsTreasure and John Sears, and they make it the ¼ pole in a quick :26.4. They nowmake their way towards the half and Goin Manstyle makes it to the top as theypass the ½ in a speedy :55.1 , as Medoland J T and Kings Treasure remain insecond and third respectively as they head down the backstretch. They now areheading towards the ¾ pole and Medoland J T pulls out and tries to take overthe lead from Goin Manstyle and caused each other`s doom, because the firsthalf went in a blazing :55.1 leaving them somewhat winded and a 1:24.1 ¾time  didn`t help matters either, whichenabled Chasen Cancun & Eric Davis who was on the wood in fourth, was ableto pull out and make a stretch drive charge down the middle of the track, thatallowed him to overtake both horses and then hold off Jjf`s Miss Carolyn andJolene Andrews by a neck to win this exciting race in a very respectable timeof 1:55.1, with Medoland J T finishing third. The top two finishers lit up the tote-board like it was achristmas present especially for Eric Davis because not only was Eric Davis thedriver of the horse, he is also the trainer and owner. Now how`s that for Trickor Treating, because that was a heck of a trick and was also a heck of a treat.That $100.00 bonus payoff  worked outjust right for Eric Davis since today was the initial start of the program. Thehorse went off at 12 to 1 and the second place finisher went off at 22.80 to 1.
            ChasenCancun is owned, trained and driven by Eric Davis of Hartly, DE and this wasthe horse`s 4th win of the season and it brings his total earningsfor the year to $12,552.00.

The payoffs are as follows:    # 1 Chasen Cancun            Eric Davis              $26.00      $13.80       $4.00
                                                   # 4  Jjf`s Miss Carolyn       Jolene Andrews                       $20.20       $9.00
                                                   # 2 Medoland J T              Mattew Athern                                           $2.80
All $2.00 payoffs:       Exacta:  1-4   $$444.60                Trifecta:   1-4-2 $1100.80
             Another exciting thing that came about fromthe two amateur races that were raced today was that Eric Davis was fortunateenough to win both of the races. It was like an amateur daily double, but itjust didn`t count.  Even still, it was agreat story, two great victories and it just shows how exciting amateur races canbe when all the contestants are out there trying their best to win. “ It`s Priceless”

Recapped by Bob Lieberman





         Effective October 21, 2016, per order of the club, there will be an additional $50.00 payout to the winning owner and
trainer in each of  the amateur races until the end of the meet. This should definitely add an additional bit of interest in each of the races,
and on top of that, the point standings are starting to get very interesting, as each of the top three try to draw away from the other two.

Here are the top three with their point totals. DanTuccillo  at 117, Eric Davis at 105, andAlex Richardson at 99.
There appears to be the possibility that these three drivers could go right down to the final race to determine who will be the
leading point getter. Can`t wait to see this end up, it should be “GREAT.”

So it`s time to jump onto your bikes and in this case, may the best man win,
that should keep them all fired up until the winner is named or co-winners  are named.






Plainville Food Pantry                             $2000.00

St. Jude Hospital                                        300.00

American Cancer Society                           200.00

Autism Speaks                                           200.00

Plainville Lions Club                                    200.00

Capablities                                                 200.00

Make-A-Wish                                        200.00

Boston Children’s Hospital                           200.00

Windrush Farm (theraputic riding)                200.00

Cerebral Palsey                                            200.00

Holiday Adoption Program                            200.00

Vermont State Fair                                        150.00

Orleans County Fair                                     150.00


Harness Horse Youth Foundation                   150.00

Standardbred Retirement Foundation              150.00

T & G Santa (Gazette Santa)                           150.00

BoBo Fund (R. Beauregard)                             100.00

                                                     Total        $4,950.00


Pictures by Lori Dupuis and Cath Bouthillier





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